About Us – Overview

Talent Management Initiatives, LLC, offers a comprehensive suite of employment assessments and advisory services that help companies gain a competitive advantage by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent.

Our assessments provide employers with real data, not just impressions from resumes and interviews, that can be used for determining candidates or current employees “fit” for the role they are being considered for, management development, leadership potential, succession planning and fit to your culture.

We utilize assessment tools from Wiley (formerly Profiles International) and have been certified in the PXT Select, PXT, Profiles Sales Assessment, Profiles Performance Indicator, Checkpoint 360, and Customer Service Profile solutions. We are also a reseller and affiliate of eSkill, with an extensive suite of skills tests.

After 30 years in sales, sales management, product management, and brand management for Fortune 500 companies, we experienced the frustration of hiring or working with people that were not a good fit for their role or with the team they were working with. Recognizing there had to be a smarter way to hire and manage, we created a business that focuses on the people issues that small and medium size companies struggle with every day. The cost of a “wrong hire” is expensive to all companies, but to the small and medium companies it is even more so.

We serve as a trusted advisor to our clients across the US in all types of industries and job roles.